Monday, December 23, 2013

Note and Gift to Self....

How is it that I seem to purchase myself gifts at Christmas time?? Happens... every year... each time I set-out to shop for others. I'll give myself a little break this time...hhhaa - I've seen the writing on the wall, knowing that this old (by Silicon Valley standards - ANCIENT) computer of mine that I tap away on for this blog was set to collapse any moment. It needed to be done - computer shopping - the "pulling of teeth" of the technology world. I detest this sort of shopping.. yet, here I am doing my first post on a beauty of a new laptop... NOTE TO SELF: computer shopping has some benefits!!

This is one gift that won't make it under the Christmas tree.... gifts to self are best used immediately!

I have plenty to learn on this new gadget. Time to play. Well, actually time to get ready for the next round of Christmas parties. So, I hope to get back here soon.....


  1. New computers are always fun! I love that tree in the picture, the burlap looks awesome.

  2. Alicia - I have just now seen your comment. Would it be back at December I would have told you that this was one of the only decorations in my home this year. Somewhat of a different Christmas. So much has happened since this time... I've not posted. Thanks for reading! Hope you'll continue...