Monday, November 29, 2010

Cat Got My Tongue or Got the Next Door Chicken

I was afraid of what I could possibly think to write for my second post. A wee bit cat-got-my-tongue, or the very least he snatched some of my brain cells!  Lo and behold I walked out the front door this morning and found a topic. Rather off-putting really.... but still a kitty-like subject to link up with my writer's block/cat- tongue thought. Some neighborhood feline, or possibly another varmint (now that I dwell on it) decided to leave a feathery surprise at my door. There on the lawn, a trail of white and black fluff from front to back yards. I made the trepidatious (is that a word?) journey to the end of the trail and never found the subject of this unfortunate incident. I am quite sure it was my next door chicken. I know for certain that the cat pictured above did not commit the crime. He is my nephew-cat and lives many miles away. And, as mentioned - on second thought I believe a much larger critter did this dastardly deed. So neither the cat or other critter got my tongue. I was still able to compose a second post! My picnic ( i.e.carefree experience) today was whilst walking a trail that encircles ponds filled with migrating geese, snowy egrets and other myriad assorted fowl. The colorful view and eclectic sound track was breathtaking!

P.S. the pond fowl were awfully lucky they weren't hanging out in my yard last night!


  1. How I love your days...
    I look forward to readng them daily.


  2. Why thank you Jennifer!! I am thankful everyday for this great life! You, my dear are my first commenter! I hope you will find my blog worthy of a good smile or chuckle!