Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

While it does not look like this in my neck of the woods, we are still experiencing frost and quite a chill. All the better to get one in the mood for Christmas decorating, music and cooking. I love to peruse the cable tv music channels for just the right tune. Who knew that there are scads of genres for Holiday listening? Shall I go with Country, Rock, Gospel, Classic? All depends on what I'm trying to accomplish. In need of energy and trying to whip together ingredients for cookies then I may go with Christmas Rock. While designing Christmas cards on-line I would choose a peaceful sort like Classic. Alas, I didn't get too far on the holiday decor today. The tree is sitting in a bucket, the ornaments yet unwrapped. I guess the music didn't spark my enthusiasm as well as I thought!
OH MY! I nearly missed my annual viewing of Rudolph while trying to compose this post! Then I may have never gotten the holiday jump-start that I need....

A jump start to the holiday hoopla was had via a glass of wine (or 2) last night. We gathered an interesting group of friends and new acquaintances. Came in from the cold and warmed ourselves with laughs, food and a 49er game. Our hands and noses were frosty, yet our hearts and tummies were warm and full.
The perfect metaphor for my abundant picnic of a life! Baby it's cold outside but this heart is full and very happy!

P.S.   I've got a song in my heart too... silver & gold, silver & gold decorations on every Xmas tree...    Bye now.... off to see Rudolph!                  

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