Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Naughty or Nice

Would Santa have you on his list as Naughty ?

Or would you be on the Nice list?

It seems that even Santa can't decide which personality to go with! Ho Ho Ho - just had to show you that first picture! He was showing his knickers off in the display window of a jeans shop - apparently he's in need of a new pair! Just so you know, I decided to go with NICE for today only at least....well, maybe always. We'll see! Some Facebook friends invited me to join along today and "pay it forward", so in the spirit of the day and of the season too, I took part! I had gone over to the nearest Best Buy to ask some technical questions since I am far from a techie! The young man that helped me was beyond courteous and savvy!
I trotted right over to Starbucks and bought the kid a gift card. The least I could do! Only problem is - I
never completed my pay it forward mission because I've yet to get back to the store. Does it count if I at
least had good intentions?... Really Santa, I promise to deliver the goods! I truly am a good girl on the
Nice list!!

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