Thursday, December 30, 2010


Believing this post would be a remembrance to a passed friend I came up with the title of: Inspiration. Upon checking my Webster's, it seems that my title has plenty to do with many a thought crossing my mind!

The inspiration (noun -the act of influencing or suggesting opinions) and also (the power of moving emotions) for me today comes from the fact that as the year wanes, a date of  profound loss nears. I've previously spoken of Colleen. She and her remaining family are on my mind. I've sent them a note in remembrance as I will be away this weekend. I shall be celebrating all that is hopeful and new, and they shall be saddened by their loss. I also HOPE that her family will celebrate too. May they find their way to celebrate the good memories held in their hearts, the new joys they have experienced since her death, and all of the possibilities of the New Year.
And yet even more inspiration.... (the drawing of air into the lungs) on that trip away for this weekend. Icy, cold, fresh, mountain air.  We'll be nestled in the majesty of the Sierras on a steep, snowy slope for 3 days. Here's hoping that I can find inspiration (of another type) for my life in the lovely new year that we are embarking upon.

May you find inspiration from those who shower you in love and kindness, and from the air you breathe in the beauty that surrounds you daily!

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