Friday, December 24, 2010

Here We Are....

The door closed behind us, an end to a long day where I've found much comfort. Evening rituals are being done.... a sip of water, washing of makeup - it's nearly time for bed. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Many of our holiday rituals have also been  accomplished. I have shopped and wrapped. I have baked and decorated. Together we have socialized, partied and toasted. The gathering of my "people" is what I love the most. People that need no introduction, we see them frequently.

Yet at this time of year there is also a feeling of connectedness, a bond that seems part of all humankind. Does that sound odd? I am happy to have a connection that is bigger than my immediate circle. I don't consider myself religious; more of a spiritually considerate person. As sure as the moon is large and white tonight and  as true as the stars shine brightly... somehow - HERE WE ARE on this beautiful planet with some divine guidance, able to live and thrive , to be happy, to wish for or strive to be - free, loved and respected. If you are a Christian then tomorrow is the birth date of Christ. No matter how you see it - HERE WE ARE - humankind; friends of this planet, and we should find a way to give peace a chance, love one another, offer a helping hand, all get along!! We can only hope....
And now, in all of my sentimentality... cue John Lennon, and sing with the choir... Give Peace a Chance!

And enjoy this season and all of the next that follow!

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