Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can I Get A Witness

Rafters trembled, bodies shook, and there was a rumbling that began very low in register and crescendos to a mighty roar..... NO! not talking about an earthquake!  I'm hoping to give some credit to the outrageously dynamite movie BURLESQUE! I know dynamite seems a bit dated as a verb - but clearly this was an explosion, TNT, fireworks on film. Christina Aguilera's pipes did make the theater rafters move, I swear. The aforementioned shaking was that of some taut, young and enthusiastic dancers. Oh, my!!! My eyes were entranced by the costumery (spell check isn't liking the word costumery) and sets. Cher contributed much to the script; her singing still strong and her person still lovely. I had intended on seeing the movie later this month while in the company of others. Alas, it was a rainy day that lent itself very well to sitting indoors and being entertained. Entertained, I was!
You may want to hurry on down to the cinema and be sure to get a gander at the young male lead. Whoa!! screeching halt!... - when this handsome buck decides to exchange flannel pj's for a box of Famous Amos .... well, can I get a witness?!! really, can I?  let me know if you'll ever think of Famous Amos in the same way again!!  While I adore Stanley Tucci - he is NOT the male lead that I mean, yet he is quite fabulous in his own way.
A Burlesque explosion.. otherwise known as a picture that is blurred and flawed..but still it does look like an explosion. Guess trying to get a shot of the screen isn't so easy when you're trying to be sneaky!

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