Monday, December 13, 2010

That's All She Wrote

Feeling the time crunch?  Christmas Day is less than two weeks away.  The general feeling around this house is calm and spirited.....  hmmmmm it's possible that champagne has something to do with that! We had just a couple of friends in for a hearty bowl of lentils & ham.

 Decorations were completed and lights restrung outdoors.  We're now settled in (for our long winter's nap)! I pride myself on creating Christmas cards each year. It's official - I won't be designing, nor sending those greetings this year. Our home is sparely done yet pretty and...... well - that's all she wrote.... here's the proof -

living room - tv area

one many favorite ornaments

realize this doesn't look very Christmasy - not everything was done yet

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