Sunday, December 5, 2010

Never Enough

There are never enough hours in a day! The time spent with my girlfriends is never long enough! One can never eat, drink or laugh enough while on a get-away!  I can never get enough of San Francisco! Enough is NOT enough.. because in my book - More is More!.....  all of this and MORE can be said for my mini holiday over the weekend. The sights one experiences in San Francisco are quite possibly different from most places in the U.S., and I don't just mean tourist sites. At any given time, on any given day you will find the strange and quirky, the odd and eye opening out just waiting to be embraced by someone. The novelty never wears off for me. Magic of a special kind takes place here.

 There must have been some mass media mailing that my friends and I missed...  ohhh, that's quite a few "m" words in a sentence chain...  Anyhow the Santas of the world united on Saturday in SF. Groups, and pods, and posses were out merry-making in full red suit, white beard attire! Hundreds of them! Some pulled chariots of She-Santas, some caroling, some drinking (in public), some in camouflage, others in tutus. What an interesting way to bring in the Christmas season!

My pod delightfully Christmas-ed by getting not-enough-hours-in-a-day visiting time in with one another. We camped out in a high rise hotel with enough rations to keep us sustained for a portion of the evening. The dancing you heard tell about only occurred in our room. The bluster of the early hours waned by night so we ventured out to climb some famous hills. Caught a glimpse of cable cars, ate candy from gingerbread houses and listened to a tad of lounge music. When the sugar plum visions could no longer be brushed aside we stopped talking long enough to let them dance in our heads! Dreams of San Francisco magic are the ones that I'll hold always close to my heart.

Tiffany's magical display

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