Friday, December 17, 2010

Beach Burg of Bolinas

Bolinas, California is situated on ruggedly scenic coast on one side and idyllic avian haven on the other.
Ever hopeful that their beachy-ness remain a secret, the "burg-ers" have written their way into history as foes of Cal Trans and their road signage. Each time a marker indicating mileage or entrance to the tiny town is erected it is also promptly and anonymously taken down.  I've no use for a Bolinas directional. I know the turn-off junction like the back of my hand. I've been visiting this beach burg for thirty years. It is a slice of heaven. If I could paint you a picture I surely would.... but, I can open a picture book -
Fisher persons, crabbers, surfers, artists, and hippies (still!) cohabitate on this one cloud in heaven...
I can never decide which side of this heaven I prefer - the lagoon with it's calm, or the untamed ocean

Artistes of all types ~

The hippies and the Ecos too!

Much satisfaction is garnered in the thought that I will be happy and peaceful one day - many years from now, I'm hoping - when I'm in my final resting place in heaven and on this cloud!  eewww is that a bit too morbid?  Well, just a fact. I guess that peace, serenity and both heavenly & earthly wonders are on my mind.

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