Sunday, December 12, 2010

Put Another Nickel In.....

In the la..da accordion (not exact lyrics!) Music, music, music!

Our favorite Italian accordion player
Teresa Brewer brought this happy, catchy tune to our home when I was young and my Mom would play her on the turn table. The song lyrics are actually - "put another nickle in, in the Nickelodeon.." For some reason I was reminded of the song when I was thinking back on our fun last night. The event was a graduation intermingled with a little Holiday too. This group of friends are from High School. It's quite easy to feel a part of their family. They are Italian-Americans - full of love and willing to share it! At most gatherings with this group their patriarch will launch into song and squeeze box party music. A full-on everyone join-in sing-a-long is something from a different era. Possibly an era that we'd benefit from revisiting.  Maybe we'd all get along much better if we asked Mr. L to provide the fun rather than a DJ and some rap music? Not to say there's anything wrong with other genres of music.... it's just that you've got to try the sing-along! Smiles all around!  Well, smiles and tears can be had also - I digress, but I'm also reminded of another time with this same family minus the accordion yet still having a sing-along. Days after 9/11 we were all together enjoying California sunshine, love, patriotism and our FREEDOM. Our repertoire at this party was the likes of America The Beautiful and My Country 'tis Of Thee.  That time there were tears. In joy, celebration, and sadness I keep this family close in my memory of happy times very similar to my past love of phonographs, Teresa Brewer, my Mom and all of the beautiful music she played!  

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