Friday, December 10, 2010


Yard + Art = YART! or at least in my dictionary!! I've concocted a term that I'm assuming is not an entry in the pages of Webster's. The reason for this newfangled descriptive is that as I did the daily routine in a hilly town a few miles from home - I observed much YART! Now in my most Shari-fashion I can't get the idea  out of my head. I'm stuck with incessant pings of aha moments! Is this YART, or not?, or should it be called YART -WORK? What constitutes YART? Well let's get on with it already! You tell me what you think YART is, or is not...

this YART would scare me!

very Museum of Modern YART

rusted metal
So far so good. Then there are items that confuse my sense of YART. Are there numerous categories? I guess since it's my own term I can decide the definition..... hmmmmm that's rather fun! I'm thinking this gate is rather a piece of YART - see for yourself:

tree branch gate
 I think those branches are actually made from the heck can it stay lifted off the ground?

Why, yes, you ask do I have any YART work myself? I definitely do - meet Ms. Tomatohead:
I made her with pieces of found objects. I've talked about taking up welding in order to "pursue my craft" - HA that sounds so snobby! Now I'll become a YARTwork snob? I'm not sure about the pursuing  of anything, but it could be fun to make a New Years resolution and put welding at the top of the list! Possibly more do-able than the resolution list that begins with - Lose weight.

More YART on another day... I have plenty to share.

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