Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Walk

Pointed toe, leopard print heels just scream out - TAKE ME DANCING !! They never say take me out on your daily stroll. Thus you rarely see them leave their place in my closet because nearly 6 days a week I wear supportive and bulky; not so attractive tennies. It's a known fact amongst my peeps that I enjoy my exercise routine. I AM A WALKER. I may not be an expert at any particular thing, but I do pound a mean pavement! Usually my pace is brisk, most times I opt for hills, and nearly always I stay gone for at least an hour. It's how I start my day, it's where much of the idea for Abundant Picnic started. Upon naming this blog it was suiting that the definition for picnic involved a carefree experience and excursions. I will discuss many "picnics" here with you.

My foray into the hills today was brisk - both in pace and the weather- and insightful.  A fallen oak tree laid crumpled on it's side yet to me had wintry beauty. At the base of the tree were many groups of mushrooms still plump and fresh and unaware that it's host had left the party! AHA ! found my inspiration for my Christmas decor (more on that tomorrow). Once the keep-the-heart-rate-up exercise was complete it was time to amble and stroll about town. There, amidst the holiday hubbub a lady went out of her way to pay me the highest compliment - "you sure have a happy walk!" well I swear, how sweet... I walked away smiling!

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