Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gimme a Break...

A brief respite today from the rain we've been having. It made for a beautiful walk. Caught a break on the weather and also a break on the prices of a few treasures! There are a couple of second hand shops that I just happen to see on a regular basis. You see, when my daily walk is in the vicinity of Los Gatos... that hilly place that I frequent - well, there is this place that I park in front of
These brick buildings are from the late 1800's (I believe).... pretty, don't ya think? The stuff inside is pretty too! Found some currently HOT linen-burlap look pillows.... CHEAP!! After my walk I dropped in at the Dollar Store, and then to Goodwill. Was just that kind of day. Left a few great items behind. No place for them to go in the little house. If I had a shop in which to sell; that petite wing back chair would've been mine.
Myself and fellow hunters of GW were serenaded while shopping today.
Previous to this lovely gentleman there was a "piano man" - and I use that term very loosely- that didn't mind tellin' ya that he'd "had a few drinks and a little weed too". Actually everyone was quite kind to the poor soul. He eventually quit banging the keys after he found this musician and forced him to play. We browsed while listening to Stand By Me. I thought that just maybe I'd justify my junk purchases by saying that I was shopping GREEN , doing my duty to reduce and reuse by giving some of the finds as Christmas gifts. Think you'd want any of these??
You can see the great shell box better in this shot....

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