Friday, December 3, 2010

... and a Mushroom On A Pear Tree

On the 2nd day of Christmas December, my true love gave to me - a strange look upon hearing my inspiration for Christmas decorations were mushrooms! Who knows why, but I was smitten with these guys and took my fondness to our living room. Some of these dudes came home in my pocket yesterday. Yes, they have a spot on the mantle and the console table right along with some faux toadstools!

I haven't gotten too far decorating. This morning found me instead helping my oldest brother (I have 3) decorate his cubicle at work. We're hoping to win his contest. Let me tell ya, it wasn't too easy, given the space provided! We were to decorate the sliding door/entry to his space as though it was the facade and entry of a home on Santa Row. Armed with assorted objects, and my tool belt - we went to work. Every co-worker that passed remarked that they had best up their game. Doubt that anyone had been thinking 3-D. Most doors had a paper or plastic covering with a simple holiday greeting. My bro now has a vintage door attached to his slider. On the door is a wreath and a banner that reads Ho Ho Ho. Aside the door hangs an old mailbox adorned with a rolled newspaper, his name, mittens and a cap. Sitting at his entry just hoping to come in out of the "snow' that is sprinkled all about is a ceramic dog.  A Christmas doormat, umbrella, mini Xmas tree and lichen branch on one side. On the other side of the door hangs a lantern. And what would a tiny home be without a basket of wood and snowballs waiting to be thrown?  He did not inherit any of my mushrooms though! Good, silly fun with my brother. What a blessing to have him! So glad I could be of help! Picture doesn't do it justice...couldn't get back far enough to get it all in.

There you have it, an excuse for why my home decorations are behind. I have a couple of not worthy pictures of the few things I have done ...

                                                                     Here are some of the mushrooms:

 the mantle

And delays may occur again... hoping to go out for Christmas cheer tonight.

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