Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sit Down And Put Your Feet Up

Most of this weekend was spent in my favorite nook near the fireplace. All that I could possibly need was near at hand. I browsed blogs. I caught up on the Merc (our local paper). I wept at old movies. Nearly forgot to go out for my daily walk.... and those walks were lacking in actual calorie burning oomph!!
As in this picture alot of the time I multitasked. Does that burn more calories??! The old black&white playing in the background is Miracle on 34th Street. Makes me cry every time! I had to replay Rudolph and Grinch also - they just suited the day! Between the oldies and my walks in a neighborhood that displays a tree in every yard  (by the way those trees are lit with the vintage LARGE size, multicolored strands) - I was feeling very nostalgic.  As in :

big ol' brights

multicolored strands of old....

I remember

Red, green and blue bulbs =
   ~ memories
   ~ childhood Christmases
   ~ Fernwood Circle
   ~ my parents
   ~ my brothers
   ~ tinsel
   ~ Mr. Cartwright Santa
   ~ filled stockings
   ~ squinting at the tree over by the front door

Love my memories, and adored my childhood.  Not nearly enough can be said for the family I am a part of, nor for the neighborhood in which I was raised. Truly blessed is one way to put it....

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