Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet Remembrance

This Birthday was celebrated in a unique fashion. Tonight Hubby & I joined a small group in a little  pizza parlor in the town where I grew up. The lovely lady who is named on the cake couldn't join us. Coco is the nickname for my sweet pal - Colleen. I went to High School with her and we were connected by the same circle of friends. Our relationship lasted many years, waning in some places, and reconnecting in others. Where she chose motherhood, religion and a more reserved lifestyle, I opted for quite the opposite.  These differences never changed my view that she was sweet, caring, funny, unique, patient and kind. Forward now to nearly one year ago. While most of us scrambled about preparing for Christmas she was enduring another hospital stay - one of many! After years of poor health, disease and complications that NO human should  ever find in their vocabulary... Coco was once again fighting to stay here on Earth, if only for a few months more, solely to continue her parenting duties. Her children were the reason for that drive and tenacity. Droves of people visited. Her family sat vigil. The Doctors who had become personally involved were friends now. She tried - really, really tried HARD, but life here with us was not in the cards. Her fight was lost on a rainy, full Blue Moon evening on the final day of the year. That anniversary to be here shortly. Tonight though was arranged by those beautiful children of hers. It was a must that they honor their Mother on this, her 53rd Birthday! A cake was made, candles lit and we sang to her too. Her only Grandchild blew out the candles.
From our hearts to yours, Coco - you are remembered and loved!

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