Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Searching For Holiday Inn

One would think that once you've anted up and paid the price that surely you should be able to get the goods!!  No?  I'm not searching for the Holiday Inn known for their relatively low room rates - the National  hotel chain. Nope - just hopin' and wishin' that I could find the movie Holiday Inn on one of the many TV channels that this household pays for. Of course the only place that this classic is being shown is on the "other" station.  Have you ever seen this lovely dose of song and dance?  Oh, it is well worth your time! Makes me want to go to just such a place and stay a week or two. The movie came out in 1942 and stars Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. This is the place where Bing croons White Christmas for the first time.
Hey, maybe I will search for a room at Holiday Inn! Now that I've googled it.... the real inn where the movie was filmed is nearly in my backyard! It is now called the Village Inn Lodge. It is in Monte Rio, a very tiny spot sitting on the Russian River.  I can't tell from the photos, but I think I've been there before!
Maybe a little Christmas elf will whisper to Santa (my hubby) that this is the perfect gift for a vintage loving gal (me)!!

poster art for the movie
At home sitting with the Christmas tree lit and listening to Classical Holiday station, I wrote and svaed this post. Good thing, because now I'm away and the little library's wifi isn't too quick! I can't get photos to download.. so here's this non-beach Christmas themed idea!

* Edited to add:  I had the names switched.... I prefer the movie WHITE CHRISTMAS to this version -   Holiday Inn.....  so go check it out!!

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