Monday, May 27, 2013

Here's What You Need to Know.. (about the last post)

Cliffhanger?... is that what I went and did when I typed out JUST JOEY, two weeks ago and then didn't return to the scene of the crime until tonight? Really sorry ! Here's the story behind that May 13th poem story.  (click may13 to read story)

On May 14th Hubby & I reached a lifetime milestone and began a month long celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. To appropriately mark our day.. well, there just wasn't a gift that felt right. Hubby isn't much for material things. His wedding ring has sat in my jewelry box for most of the 25 years, so jewelry is on the never-buy list! Both he & I had surprises and trips planned, reserved and ordered. The one gift I could give would be something from the heart - thus, I wrote that poetry-like Just Joey item.

Next question, please...   "Excuse me, what was the idea behind Just Joey?"... oh, yes - that...

To my mind, something that we've considered to be the cornerstone of our life and happiness is this cottage home we live in. The move here, to this family-built house, happened just at the start of our married life. I regard this as my sanctuary. I feel safe and protected under this roof. The garden I've planted, and attempt to maintain, is of utmost importance to me. Hubby is enamored of all the serenity and pleasure that comes from these four walls, also.  Upon the lucky find of a perfectly perfumed and luscious yellow-peach rose - named: JUST JOEY, I knew she suited the 25th anniversary gift to a tee.

I painted burlap fabric silver (silver anniversary) and swathed the rose bush in a silvery bundle. White tulle for a bow, and propped her in our vintage wheelbarrow. Set out in front of our house just in time for Hubby to drive-up from work.

The 25 year Rosa is now planted and placed in the backyard garden. With love, nurturing and a home that provides shelter... may JUST JOEY grow & thrive for the next twenty five years, and more!


If I get the chance to play catch-up on blog posting...  do I have Anniversary stories to tell!

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