Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Third in A Series of The 25th Celebrate-athon !

Steep Ravine still fresh in our minds... and still aching on our backs (problem with new air mattress while camping).. little over a week after our first Anniversary celebration - the REAL wedding date came. Twenty-Five years after May 14, 1988 ~

We played- who has the best surprise anniversary plan? It is my opinion that Hubby won that game! He outdid himself! I was surprised in every way!

An itinerary was given me a week in advance. He knows me well - I had to be sure of what clothing to pack! Hubby has been writing in a makeshift journal - giving me daily stick-figure drawings and funny thoughts, quips and anecdotes. And  always a message of love. In the volley back and forth of love notes, we each offered clues to how we'd be celebrating. Not one of those could match the true thoughtfulness of his surprise plan.

Let me begin with the first timeline clue.... Hubby writes to me: "Light breakfast at home, leave the house by ten o'clock, and be in Half Moon Bay for lobster rolls at lunch!"  No problem - Dollface, you had me at lobster!!  :-)

remember... I mentioned glorious food and champagne for days...

Booklet next read:  "walk on the beach".... so, we strolled hand-in-hand along the sand...
How is it that poem, or rhyme goes??... too late to figure it out....  Anyway, we marked off the 2nd clue from the itinerary booklet.....

Next time I'll give you the BIG HURRAH!! Biggest, kindest, most out-of-character gift, EVER!!
Here's a clue though:

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