Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So It Goes....

September makes me feel as if it is the beginning of the year. I felt this much more strongly when I worked for a school district, but to this day - as summer winds down and the kiddos head off in the early morn, there is a definite rustle of newness to the days.

Still, days and nights are filled with simmering summer. Downtime of celebratory shenanigans, and much that keeps me from sitting down indoors to type out a post in this little spot. Sorry for that - I've definitely lost momentum in journaling at Abundant Picnic. So it goes though - as the air swishes and the trees drop their brittle-sun dried leaves... Autumn nears and cozy time on the couch will begin. I expect that posts will be more abundant soon!

final days of sunbrellas on the beach...

ete is French for Summer


Tell me it isn't nearing fall.......  harvest, much?? look at these beauties from our neighbors ^

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