Friday, September 27, 2013

To Do or Not To Do.... That is the Question!

Tonight while flipping back the calendar pages, I realize just how much I haven't written. Many photos of beauty and pleasure, laughs, and faces I love sit in computer memory never to be seen. These are memories so current, yet seemingly many months ago.

While keeping up a quick pace with my life, as it whisks along each day... well, then I drop the ball on keeping time with journaling here. Something, somewhere has to give. I've noticed this is how life seems to go - two steps forward, one step back. I'll feel so productive and energetic - happy with all the accomplishments of a day, or a week. Then .. WHAM! on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning (or whichever day one may choose)  I 've lost the momentum and the need to drop one item from the daily to-do list is a necessity.

The beauty you haven't seen lately? ... here's some of it ~

There ya have it... a full life; a full calendar - keeping me busy, and happily so. Thinking that possibly when the calendar says it's winter and days end much more quickly.. possibly then I'll sit on the sofa with a little less to do, and I'll drop gardening from the daily to-do and spend more time here posting on the blog!

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