Monday, November 25, 2013

Do Goats Sleep Standing?

There is hope yet that I will come back to this little secret place of mine to tap out some memories, and get journaling back to some regular frequency.  Goat Hill Fair completed the 5th show - our fall event.

cows sleep standing or sitting...

Tell me, do goats sleep standing up? Being a "goat-ess"... it sure seems right now that I could!!
This work that I do - the assisting, selling, marketing, designing, decorating, photographing, greeting for Goat Hill Fair - is such fun, yes time consuming, and after awhile, us goats need a rest. I'm at this moment sitting in a cafe at the beach for a couple of days - resting my weary self!! hhhaaa 

It is Thanksgiving week. From the beach, travel up the Interstate to rest, eat and visit with family is on our itinerary.

me & goat at previous show...

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  1. soooooooooooo do they stand up, sit down, or lay down? I'm guessing stand but I could be wrong, I didn't know that cows could sit! rest up and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!