Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving & Three....

Abundant Life...

Abundant Love...

Thankful for all that I am blessed to have, and all that I work for ~

ABUNDANT PICNIC...  on this Thanksgiving day, my words here have reached their 3 year Anniversary!

Three years ago on my first post {click link here} I spoke of having three Thanksgiving festivities to attend. This year I am sitting in my parents warm ( a tad too much so) house in the pines. Hubby & I have walked through the pinecone and needle laden streets. We've watched the New York parade, and now the television is tuned to football. The four of us will join a few of my parents friends for turkey dinner out. A whole new experience - and just such the sort of thing I consider the filling of an ABUNDANT PICNIC!

As time passes it is easy to reflect and wish for more time with our loved ones, many more hours on this earth, and in this beautiful life. How very thankful I am that my parents are still here.  How sad it makes me feel that my other Pops has left a wistful feeling in our hearts, as we near the one year anniversary of his passing.

Blessings of abundance and wishes of joy to all....



  1. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family minus pops, here's there in spirit I'm sure! We forayed to my daughter's house for turkey and visitng with 'new' family and friends. Will have our son over on Sunday. We like to stretch it out over here! Blessings to you and yours this wonderful day of thanks.

    1. Joanne - I hope all is well in your world. You posted this quite some time ago and I'm just now taking a breath, and going back to writing. Are you on the mend?