Monday, September 3, 2012

Hometown Pride

The place I grew up sits rightly at the corner of Technology and Electronics... not true street names, but a very real place indeed. Silicon Valley. What used to be a city with canneries and orchards grew leaps and bounds while I was a kid there. SUNNYVALE. Perfect name for a great spot.

I went to Sunnyvale High School. I had a good group of friends {many that I still see} and I was a good student. I unfortunately did not participate in any after school programs or sports. Silly choice that was....  actually I did try-out for cheer as a freshman {did not make the cut}. One of the programs that Sunnyvale High was known for, highly renowned in fact, was their band and color guard. I did have friends in band.. and this brings me to my story.

One family friend, whom I've mentioned before in this blog, was a "band girl" and recently became the organizer of a unique event involving our high school. Elaine was gathering past classmates {our school has been closed for many years}, and this alumni group was going to march in the parade that celebrated our city's Centennial Anniversary.

I was asked to participate in the Centennial parade. I marched with the band, that I'd not been a part of, and felt every bit of pride that all of the band-ies must have felt. This was such an emotional experience. Very fun to meet anew with some old faces. I had only one other time marched in a parade, and it is quite a sensation - stepping in time, music blasting, drums rat-a-tatting, and people cheering you on along the sidelines. Once in a lifetime - this event. Thanks, Elaine for asking if I would join you.

Elaine is 2nd from right

Elaine again - with shields of our "lost" bandmates - Fallen Jets

I carried our logo {mascot} shield  ^

My brothers and mates stood along the sidelines with Hubby and many friends. It brought a tear to my eyes to see my Father-in-Law smiling from his chair as I passed by. The other lettergirls were jealous of my fan club. HA!! :-)

This August day, one-hundred years after Sunnyvale was incorporated was the morning, noon, and night of a lifetime! I would gladly join BAND again, anytime!

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