Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is This A Job?

What seems many moons ago - near the beginning of this Abundant Picnic - I wrote about decisions and opportunities {here}. Much contemplation over the offer to take part in the first Goat Hill Fair. Here I am over a year and a half later, and very much ingrained in all that is Goat Hill!

I love what I do! The help I provide and hours that I work doing Goat Hill projects is pleasurable and much more than a job. The place, the people, the connections have become my community. Who would have thought that I'd be making such good friends at this age and in an entirely different world than the one I had sat comfortably in previous?

me at the first Goat Hill Fair - my selling space

The third show has just passed. We had our year Anniversary. We have improved, we have changed, we have worked hard. Some additions are popular, others not as much. Goat Hill Fair is being talked about. There has been print work written on us. Blogs have made mention and photos taken. I'm helping to get the word out. Laughingly we say that I am part of the "social media" crew {there's only me}. hhhaaa I am completely NOT a tech geek. With diligence and good luck and hope & want too - I continue to do my best to have Goat Hill seen and heard.

Want to see a couple of pictures of the fair???...       here goes ~

my boss Cyndi & I

one of the changes/improvements... I was able to get Cathe Holden to say yes to speaking for us

Oh... SO TRUE!!

Working for Goat Hill still goes on....

CHEERS to that!! 

When those unsure thoughts and jobs I feel unqualified to accomplish arise...

I should take note of this sign from Goat Hill ~

I'm sure giving it my best shot!

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