Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wonky Wonderland

Where've I been?? A week has passed. Boy, have my hours been filled! Much good, and well....

Life in wonky world is still alive and well wreaking havoc in our cottage. Hubby and I are rollin' with it. We try anyway. Hope and sunshine are just sort of our way. Not that we don't have moments of the rabbit hole (dark world). If only I could make a Tim Burton-ish video, or draw a crazy Tim Burton-type character {of myself} to insert in my post.... here   ->

Okay odd kins.. show your stuff

Tim Burton sketches found on Internet

This one is scary-dark-world...

So, maybe posting Wonky Wonderland drawings isn't my style.. and they really do NOT represent the feelings I thought they would. Nope, I'm just too sunshiny for them...
Life just has teeter-tottery high-lows. That's just how it is. Don't know why I've been feeling it so much more in the past year {well, maybe I do know why}. Everyone has their dramas, their family stories, their health and aging setbacks, and we in this cottage are no different.

This seems as much a rant as I've ever written. Maybe that dark place is looming 'round the edges of my heart. Quite possibly it's inky-ness seeps in now and again, but I cannot allow it space. I'm choosing to stay white and yellow... dreamy and sunshine.

Gossamer draperies opening to sparkles upon the water... that's what I want to be...

Color that makes my heart smile.. that's what I want to focus on...

Polka dots, cool Fall air, flowers, crunchy baguettes... any tiny item that means to me  -


It is a choice to find these things each and every day

Going to search the sand, waves and azure skies for happiness this weekend. Luckily we can hop in the car and go on a mini-trip... that simple sentence nearly had a different sound 24 hours ago. Luckily the most recent family stories have a good ending.   Waiting for ~


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