Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amidst The Joy

Tucked into one of the days that we were blissfully playing in the sand - a tinge of sadness found it's way in. My Dad's youngest sister {my Aunt Bea} passed, at home in California. We were aware of the situation and my parents had just taken her and another sister to lunch before leaving on our trip.

Aunt Bea

One week after returning from Paradise - the family gathered to send my Aunt off to another Paradise. There were many of us. A good showing of nieces and nephews and those last couple of Aunt Bea's siblings. My Dad was one of 11 children. There are now only three. The point is not lost on the realization that we very nearly sent Dad to heaven a year ago...

Hubby & I left town early for Gerber to help with some of the set-up. Aunt Bea asked that there be a luncheon in her yard. Some of we cousins made Mexican paper flowers..

Bea's home was peeling of paint, sat quirk-ily askew on it's foundation, and held cobwebs in nearly every window. These observances were of no consequence. Actually, I found all of these items endearing.

 I also was intrigued by the surprise that Aunt Bea played the fiddle.

She sang in a choir, she was never married - nor ever had children, she was a hard working single lady, she was a community activist and volunteer. That is just some of her. The piece that I will remember most is her laugh. Aunt Bea laughed with gusto. It was unique, it was loud and funny. There was a chuckle mixed in too.

Together, we "fiesta-ed" in the scraggly, petite yard of my Aunt... all generations of us ~

my Dad and his Great-Great nephew

my Brother Randy and my Uncle Ralph

For heaven's sake!! I can hardly believe this ... nary a photo was taken of the women of the family on this day - Aunt Bea requested that the women wear hats, and the men wear jackets. We complied. It looked wonderful! I am nearly sick that I won't have an image of this to keep... only the image that's in my heart!

We did it Bea - we wore our hats!

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