Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is how the story goes ~

Brother and Sister-in-law make plans to celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary at the same beautiful spot where they honeymooned. Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii.

not Kauai... but, right couple!

Somehow they get the notion to invite along our parents (mine & bros). Said parents NEVER go on these sort of vacations. Dad has not flown since the Navy... oh, around Nineteen Fifty! Mom has on occasion traveled with me for a Fall weekend of antiquing.. but not much more. The parents even venture to the ocean - just the two of 'em; still quite limited.

Mom & Dad said yes to the Hawaii trip of a lifetime. Was it that my Dad figured - why the hell, not? Since last year he nearly left this planet. May as well go to another state far, far away.. what could be so bad?

Weeks pass and everyone is joyous that Mom & Dad will be seeing this amazing place and relaxing for a week. Bro & SIL come up with the idea to ask Hubby and myself along too.  We keep the secret amongst us four until we're sure if will happen. There is a possibility that the room reservation cannot be changed to accommodate us. Then, even though the booking agent says it almost never happens, a larger "apartment" becomes vacant and it is given to my SIL!!  Hubby & I booked our flight in a matter of seconds.

WE'VE KEPT THE SECRET!!  Mom & Dad have no idea that Hubby & I are on the travel ticket! We leave this morning!! We let the rest of my brothers and families in on the plan. Had to, in fact, seek one brothers extra help. He must now stay with the parents' pets the entire week, since I can no longer go to relieve him! Good brother, huh?

How will we reveal the secret? I'm scheduled to be airport shuttle early in the morn. It is said that I will pick the 4 of them up at my brothers and whisk them away. Little do any of them know.. Hubby & I will arrive in a limousine. Hubby had the foresight to buy fixins for a mimosa for each of us. We'll pop out of the limo and hopefully not cause the parents a heart attack.

The last couple of months have been a frequent panic. Many times we've wondered if our feet would ever leave the ground. Often I've exclaimed - "just get us on that plane!". Wishes and prayers, and lots of ... please-please-please. Even up til this morning, as my Father-in-law was ill and seen at the hospital late last night. GGEEEEESH!  Is someone trying to tell us not to get on the plane?

So.   ALOHA!! from here...

Think I will not bring the computer with me. No Abundant Picnic {blogging}... however, YES! to abundant picnic living on that tropical isle. Fish & fruit and picnics in the sand!

Back in about 8 sunsets from now!!

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  1. Miss Shari best post !!!!! How did you ever keep this amazing secret? I'm so looking forward to read how the story ends... Hurry up and blog all the events of the trip. Miss chatting with you in the mornings.
    Love Ya,