Saturday, October 27, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Such a simple and pleasurable thing... searching through photos of other women's homes... and it brings such enjoyment! I won a place in an on-line ecourse from an amazing artist/fashion designer.  Jeanne Oliver and other amazingly talented gals are posting videos, giving information, offering solutions to design and decorating dilemmas. From the beginning it has made for a pleasant look! I've really enjoyed mornings with my tea and my spot in the "classroom".

As a student in this course, we each have a profile to fill. I've added many photos to share with the group. Some of the most recent were views of Autumn around our house...

I'm only posting the small vignettes{simple pleasures in themselves} .. I had already shown the class images of my living space. I haven't dared to put up photos of the kitchen yet!!  :-)  In the next couple of weeks there will be time to show rooms that we really need help with. Also some students will show before and after pictures from their  re-dos. There will not be a re-do at this house!  Perish the thought! I've mentioned before - Hubby's fear of such things!

Can't wait to try some of the projects in this course. One of the most intriguing to me is "How to Make Ricotta Cheese". Will share about how that goes...  eeeeeekk!!

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