Thursday, November 1, 2012

Remembering Souls...

Halloween came,  not once did I answer a knock on the door! That, I'll tell ya, is a first. I do love the tradition of tick-or-treating! I wasn't at my own place of comfort - on my street, with my neighbors in their homes all about me. Instead, I was dog-sitting for my niece-pups 'oer near the coast. Only once did the thump of candy seekers at the door come to be. I had no treats at my "sitting-home", so I didn't answer. Is that bad karma, or something??  ggeeeshhh - mean ol' broad (that'd be me)! hhaa

All of my spirit was not lost - I posted this outrageous photo of myself and Hubby on facebook ~


Today, November 1st is All Saints Day, tomorrow - All Souls Day. Fittingly, I came home from the dog-sit house to attend a funeral.  The gentleman that passed was the Father to some of my family's peers-high school friends. This family and mine had many similar values and spent nearly every weekend in the same spot - the baseball field! It was a lovely service. Makes one reflect on all that is good and what truly matters in our lives.

This sweet gal lost her Pops ~

For some reason I was hoping to come across an altar from Dia de los Muertos this year. A slow pass through at a very old cemetery in the fields where I was staying did not harbor any such altar. Much to my dismay! I am intrigued by this celebration. I've even considered traveling to Mexico to witness some of the holiday. The art and the heart & soul of it are profound. The idea of celebrating the lives and deaths of your loved ones that have passed is such a joyous thought! Would have been a good idea to offer our love in this way to my Aunt Bea, last week! 

Taking the dogs I'm sitting back to their home at the coast tomorrow. I'll have a mindful, happy, sunny weekend there. I'll be remembering souls that have mattered in my years.

the beach I walked yesterday - one that my family frequented when I was young...

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