Friday, November 30, 2012

The Nothing-to-share Rainy Garden Post

Feeling as though someone has siphoned all adjectives from my brain and dumped them
in a tank to be used at a later date. hhhmmm what do I have to say? The last week has not been filled with adventures and folly, but rather laden with heaviness.... thus, no posting of late. Not much to share.

Found my way to the garden, with camera in hand and took a few deep breaths. Stood, staring at the motion of the walnut tree as the wind took down barrels of yellowed leaves.  I'm enjoying these recent days of grey ~ liking the cozy-home feeling ~ but along with writing, exercise has also lost some luster. Butterball turkeys and I have alot in common!

In need of a walk... so through the garden we go....


Many days of rain forecasted. Barren walnut trees sure to follow. Ten extra pounds likely!  :-)

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