Monday, November 19, 2012

A Trifle Early for Christmas

Yumm!! Yes, trifle.. such a sweet delicacy! yeah... back to the thought at time like the present to be mindful of all things Christmas. Though, I usually have a distaste for the rumblings of Christmas - when in fact Thanksgiving has yet to be celebrated. But, in this case I will forget that rule of thumb and share something I found today.

I read a blog called French Essence. This writer has a bountiful life, I'll tell ya - she "tubes" about from her home in the South of France, to London and she hails from Australia. This feast for the eyes video was from her blog this morning. Click and watch. Over the top advertising and scrumptious in every way! I loved this! Makes for marvelous dreams of travel, and London and shopping and... and... and....

Not Christmas yet...

Preparations are underway - the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us.  Upon us, but not heartily embraced at our house. In Hubby's family we are still experiencing parental dilemmas. We will be with them, in their home where Pops is the most comfortable. Non-traditional fare - and everything else too for Thursday. A slightly unique Thanksgiving, but cornucopia loads of love and thankfulness. We'll make the best of what we have.

No shock here - there will be a mix of traditional and wild with my family. This is one place that the holiday weekend might be business as usual. Many people, lots of noise and plentiful food. It's sure to feel good to smile, laugh and for a brief time let the other thoughts sit quietly in the back of your mind.

Thanksgiving last year

No matter which home we're in, or with whom we are laughing... we are forever grateful for this life we lead. Abundant in every way.

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