Thursday, December 13, 2012

BARE - ly Christmas

O, Christmas tree

O, Christmas tree

How naked are thy branches??

how blurry is thy photo?  :-) early morn ...

Our tree is Neck- Id! The rest of the Christmas decor in the abode is spare too. Mid-way through the month of December, yet decorating elves haven't stopped in with their spirit and given me a shove.
I have though decided to call this lack of Christmas decor by a new name - the theme for my styling of the house this holiday season will be ~ ORGANIC....  yeah, that's it!  minimal and so use-what-you've-got-in-the-yard 

Happens to be that I've been forcing Narcissus bulbs.... and they're of the Earth ~ ORGANIC...

It's a good thing I've got bulbs...'cause that's about all I've got!  hhaaa

Working on changing the bare-look tomorrow, and I'll be sure to share...

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