Sunday, December 16, 2012

NOT Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas..

No further along on my Christmas decorating, or shopping, or cooking.... hhhaa - or anything at all related to the holiday that is nearly here. I can say with much pride, though, that my heart is lighter and my brain not nearly as foggy. Can you guess why that is?? Sure you can!....  I've been away to the beach again!

Some wise old bird  {not this guy} ->  knew how to heal mush-brain/tired-eye/no-sleep sadness
and offered a bed in an adorable lil beach house and Hubby & I went for the weekend.

Winter is here in California. We've had temp drops and chilly-bring-the-plants-in nights. What does one do with those sorts of days? why.... sit in front of a fire, with a movie playing and a pot of cioppino on the stove. Fresh crab straight from the wharf! Such a blessing!

Bundled in a scarf and rainboots, I spent the day alone sloshing in the sand. Photographing lonely, colorful, beachy environs. Our Boardwalk here gave me pause... it dawned on me that had it been this coast that endured Superstorm Sandy, our roller coaster could be the one with ocean water for her foundation now.

What a difference to  be alone on the Boardwalk, no coaster-scared-screams, no belly laughs
{except for this gal} ->

But, tons of color ~

I left with a smile on my face. Similar to this smile{?}....

Sand on my boots, sinuses filled with salty air, raindrops dotting my glasses...

Time to gather the fixins for dinner and head for warmth. The beach cottage and slippers upon my feet sounded cozy and inviting....

The wintry weekend still ahead. I'll relive it's beauty by posting more next time....

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