Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not Nearly Enough

from the West coast to your coast - Connecticut...
~ a light still shining, amidst it all ~
~ a flag half-staff ~
~ a gorgeous sunset; there is still beauty in the world ~

Words... there are NO words...
Bloggers the world over, will not be posting words....
This is an email I received today:

A large group of bloggers throughout the U.S. will be observing a day of silence for those in Connecticut on Monday, December 17th. We will be posting the attached image on our sites, rather than any planned blog posts to show solidarity with the families and victims.

I'd like to invite you to join us.


A second email came from this same lovely blogger. In it she mentions that she's unsure really what to do. What is the right thing? Will any of it matter?

At first I was in the camp to join-in as a comrade in force with my fellow writers. Apparently, I've crossed that boundary and followed my heart instead. I've now written words.

Still, these words are not nearly enough!


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