Monday, May 2, 2011

Four Squares of Food & Friendship

In the form of continuous outdoor eating... many picnics were enjoyed this weekend! As one of my sweet hat-adorned-girlfriends said - "we enjoyed four square meals a day". Ain't it the truth! We just may have exceeded that number. These picnics were robust, right along with our laughter. The food was beautiful and made with love - just like our friendship!

royal servant?

Spending two nights away from my own cares and home - and for that matter for anyone to be allowed this luxury - is a blessing. We had waited to embrace the whole ROYAL WEDDING extravaganza for months. Everyone sure brought their A-game! The wedding hats were everything from funny, to beautiful, to outlandish. None quite so unfortunate.... OKAY - U - G - L -Y ! as the two worn by an unnamed pair of princesses. Playing dress up at fifty-something  is just as fun as it is when you're a child!

Unfortunately some hats were so intrusive that the faces of some of the gals are blocked... Dang it!
Here are some individual head shots!

These women donned finery - fit for a Queen! I, on the other hand, was the What Not to Wear version! An outcast akin to Eugenie & Beatrice (sorry gals!)  HA! Where's Stacy London when you need her??

There are stories and photos galore. Some of them not as irreverent and silly. Much kindness and love make the times I share with these women beyond special. THEY ARE SOME OF MY FOUND TREASURES!  I'll share more tomorrow.

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