Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Needing a vacation from my vacation. On second thought, not another vacation - more time in the day and more time at home to catch up on life around here. At this time of year work in the garden seems so crucial. Such strange weather though has aided me in my poor timing and inability to stay on task. I've hardly planted a veggie or herb... well, very few anyway. Without further ado, I've spent my waking hours since home,either walking, laundering, or gardening!

Removing 10+ year  fortnight lilies is not an easy task. My hands are sore; my thumbs barely able to work this keyboard. Still much on the to-do list! Some fun ideas that I'm hoping to accomplish in the coming months.

Our new, sweet addition has arrived! Our great nephew Charlie was brought into this world while we were away playing in LA. He has, in the last few days, brought many smiles and some happy tears too. That full head of inky-black hair is just wild! There's an impish turned up nose that'll just knock the girls dead when he's grown!

The other addition to the family is still nesting. Hasn't budged a smidgen. The flower hanging basket is blowing in the wind, and it's downright cold outside. I did, however witness a surprise. There was a changing of the dove-guard this evening. While cooking dinner I saw the mate to the sitter land in the basket too. Just as I wondered how they might possibly both fit, the #1 nester flew the coop. Guess they take turns?!

Good night for now. Have sleep to catch up on also!                                                                        

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  1. Congratulations on the addition to your family!! That kid is so blessed!!!