Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Hearted

Gestures of love; I was the recipient of an abundance! Nothing is more true than thinking with your heart  or speaking from your heart. Did emotions run high and love reign center stage because of a wedding? NAH... Not to generalize, but my opinion is that women are innately love givers! The women in my life seem to be so.

Kind, generous beyond belief and thoughtful in the sharing of their love and friendship, my girlfriends express these emotions in many ways. How do I possibly thank each of them for the gifts they bestowed ?........

my royal crown jewels
A sparkling tiara was gifted me....

corks floating in the fountain
 Champagne flowed effortlessly...

A cake was ordered and baked specifically with our theme in mind..... IT WAS DELICIOUS!

A candlelit table was set for dinner.....  and that meal was handmade by a team of the best friends!

Handmade chocolates were set in gift bags at each place setting. A brimming box of assorted vintage hats was a part of the celebration - via a Grandmother gone for many years.

At the close of the evening we were asked to take a seat in order to play a game.  One of the sweetest gestures was about to come....

One of our mothers has been residing in an assisted living situation. Her beautifully collected belongings needed to be packed and stowed away - no longer to grace a china hutch in the home where she raised her children - MY FRIENDS. These good hearted women decided to honor each one of us party-goers by placing a piece of their Mother's Waterford Crystal in our homes instead. We drew numbers and picked a bag filled with a secret memento. This thought from their heart brought tears to my eyes. I chose a gift that contained two Irish Coffee mugs. I will be sure to find a place of importance for them.

Good old heartfelt joy was shared globally that day in an enormous Abbey miles from here. Good hearted intentions, words from the heart and love in many forms was also had right here at home.



  1. What lovely friends you have. This sounds like a really perfect, happy, love-filled day for you all....plus it sounds great fun!!


  2. WONDERFUL friends, and the thoughtfulness of gifting the Waterford to each friend. Lovely, lovely. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for your visit to my posting. I purchase those bags by the 100s (two sizes) from San Francisco Herb. I also buy their bulk teas, essential oils, etc. and have for years and years. They're great.

    Good luck,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  3. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, SHARI!!! Tears flowing!