Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hummingbirds, Swallows & Love Birds

Morning.Coffee in hand. At the kitchen sink gazing out the window into my garden. I feel a stare. Little black seed-bead eyes staring my way. OH DEAR! The loveliness of it all - a mourning dove sitting atop her nest in the hanging basket of creeping charlie. The window was wide open to the breeze.... I could've touched her!

Delighted to survey the newest arrivals of spring. Ambling down the gravel paths in the garden, with my LOVE BIRD atop my shoulder. Greystoke, our parrot gazes upward with his head turned sideways... such a funny sight! He too is taking in all there is to see...

my alliums opened while we were away..

first peony of the season

As Stokie and I watered and gawked, we were met in the vegetable garden by the tiniest of birds. A hummingbird danced around the outer circle of sprinkles from the hose. Darting in and out wondering which droplet to choose; possibly looking to drink I thought. Sweetest moment of shock and wonder - the hummingbird sat upon a wire form in the bed and allowed me to shower it. I sprayed ever so lightly and tried not to move; not to breathe lest it be scared and flit away. We stood this way for an eternity of seconds. I so wished I had three hands and my camera around my neck!! If  only I could have captured this on film!! A second glorious birdly wonder for the day!

A pair of love birds also celebrated their 23rd year Anniversary today. Yep, me & hubby. And in what wonderful way did we choose to celebrate??  Why, by staying home, working in our yards and watching all of this abundant life unfold right before our eyes! Bird themes by the dozen regaled us today.

Hubby sang for me. I've video taped it for your delight... (or not!).. HA! sorry Hubs..  Really this is the sweetest gift I could have received. I asked if he would once again remember the children's song that he learned just days ago while we listened on tape to the history of Mission San Juan Capistrano. I searched high and low for the Song of the Swallows that is performed by children for the annual celebration of St. Joseph's Day. To no avail. Thus Hubby said he'd do it for me. (turn up your volume it's a tad low)

We picnicked amongst the birds. Our first sighting of the season of a local guy as YELLOW as can be. He loves our yard. Apparently birds of a feather flock together - including us!

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  1. How adorable! Joey is so sweet!
    A happy belated 23rd anniversary to the special couple!