Sunday, February 26, 2012

Film Feelings

Watching clips describing what films mean to various actors and actresses - on their BIG night. The
Academy is handing out Oscar tonight. Like the movie memory clips of Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey, Morgan Freeman to name a few - I searched my brain to try and put words to the feelings I have for their art.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman recalled the first films they saw. I cannot remember my first. There are sweet memories of my entire family piled into the baby blue station wagon with pillows, blankets and Mom's homemade popcorn in a paper shopping bag. We'd go to a local drive-in theater... but, for the life of me I don't know each movie.  Oh, wait - I believe one time it was to see Cat Ballou. Oh geesh!

As a teenager, I'd walk with girlfriends to our downtown theater, and sometimes stay for the movie... sometimes NOT.

How have these cinematic experiences made me feel? What do I adore about them? Without sounding dramatic {which would be apropos for a post about acting}, or silly even - movies carry me to another time and place. Movies bring emotions front and center. Movies open up experiences, even though fictitious, for things you would otherwise never get to do. You can travel to another place, another time, to a world that really doesn't exist at all. What's not to love about opening up your horizons? Meet all types of people, get caught up in history.....

For many years the Awards show would be watched with me in the mix of girlfriends. Many times we'd rent a hotel room just for the night. The red carpet fashion was a big hit with us. Alas, that tradition has changed a bit. But, on this night, I am thinking of you, my fellow Oscar loving friends! If I could I'd do a little song and dance number, or read the perfect line; I'd take a part from each of my favorite movies and give a heartfelt, soppy, I LOVE & MISS YOU SO!

Yesterday my friend {the one who's been "missing" from my life lately} had a small movie story for me. She had been driven on an outing. When they arrived she was in another city at a movie theater. This is a place in the middle of our two homes where we would meet ONLY to catch a movie. When she got in the theater she realized where she stood and began to cry.....
 We will get back to that place and view the big screen sometime soon!

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