Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomales Times Three

As I was saying....

After a day of walking cliff ridges, searching the sea's horizon for whales passing by. After a picnic and a rest at the inn, we excitedly planned to return to the bay side restaurant and pier we found the day prior. We had just enough time for sunset at the end of the dock ~

Feet up, sitting at a table for two on the dark Tomales Bay waters. Sharing the end of the pier with two other couples. Each of us slurping oysters and awaiting the show of sunset over Hog Island.

Dinner was ordered via a phone in the tiny boat shack.... we just dialed up to the restaurant down the pier, and then went to pick-up once the staff phoned us it was done. My, oh my, this sunset, this location, this dinner, this group of people we met - PURE, ABSOLUTE BLISS!

It was becoming cold in our party room. Warmth was to come by way of dinner - crabby mac 'n cheese for me and venison osso buco for Hubby - and the lovely wood burning stove set inside the cabin. Time for warm covers and dreams of our sweet evening. We had plenty to talk about... our day was full. Agreement in the hope that we'll return to this place again one day!

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