Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Can It Be ?

Isn't life as a teenage middle schooler a strange time ? To think back, I believe that my family and our life were similar to that of our fellow neighbors and friends. Well, except for one BIG occurence.... I had a baby brother born when I was just shy of  14 years old. Many stories in that....

Little brother just turned  40!! Family celebratory time with a Mayan calendar theme of "It's the end of the world as we know it" ~

Hubby & me in not-so-Mayan dress

All of my brothers were present along with their fabulous "others". Happily, my parents are still able to make the trip to our area {they live many hours North}. Even after this summers grueling, and unsettling time with my Father's health. More and more when family gatherings happen, I have an inexplicable feeling of a happy-sad sort. You know that feeling? You're just so happy that you smile inside and out. Yet tears can and do flow easily. Not tears of true sadness, more like melancholy. Thankful for my loving family and the time together - and wondering how much longer will I be blessed with this? Not in a morbid sense though. This love-hope-wistfulness because I long for days like these to last forever. I have the same sensation with my in-laws too. Quite possibly years do this to you? ... get older, grow ever more fond of what has been, and ever more sure that life has a way of leading us down new paths whether we like it or not. Frequently, I DO LIKE!

the parents all together

The baby of the family Birthday boy adorned with all manner of Birthday accoutrement ~

A gift came strolling in that was not meant for unwrapping.  Little brother's Godmother was a surprise. She was a part of the neighborhood in which we so happily spent our childhood.

Godmother and my Mom

It had, unfortunately, been many years since we'd seen her.  My friend, her daughter, made it her duty to come to the party.

Dad and Birthday Bro

So many gifts and blessings that day!

One of my brother's pals since kindergarten {numerous were there} ~

Their look sums it up.. we are FAM *I *LY.. {yep, I'm humming the tune}.. They have a bond unbroken for nearly a lifetime. They are happy.
 Hug, laugh, party, dance, sing, talk, share, take photos, and LIVE life with gusto when we can!!

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