Friday, March 2, 2012

Day In The Life Of Me

A plain old day, regular, quiet - in fact rather dull. Not my usual running around with outings. It was grey, and it rained {finally}, so I decided to stay in and ->

Spent a strangely inordinate amount of time in my bathroom ~

salle de bain = salon of the bath {French}... fyi

Applied a face masque and then had the gall to photograph myself.... oh geeeesh! ~

pay no attention to the lip lines and creases.... the mask only serves to accentuate them! hhaaa

Added some of my Spring Chicken Serum after the mask was rinsed~

You heard right. That little bottle on the left is filled with a potion made by another blogger named Jayme. She is the Tales From The Coop Keeper tender. Don't know if her secret recipe has real live chicken-any-part in it, but 'tis very emollient!

I drank some tea and had me an egg from the next-door-chickens, that are now known as the party-in-my-yard-chickens. Aka - Clarabelle and Biloxi Brown. {Story on them soon}

Fussed about some more in the Salle de Bain ~

Love that new gadget hanging from the towel bar. I had a plant in it. Think it will instead have an extra roll of TP. The pot and hooks were found at IKEA, and were shown in the kitchen area for utensils - but rather like my version!

Foofed the towels and took a steamy, long shower. You'd think a bath, the way this post is going - wouldn't ya? Nope, I'm not a bath kinda girl.

A great big French bar ^ a la the Hubby!

Had a view of the rainy day out my window, beyond the orchid ~

Took in one of the few Academy Award films that I missed.  A Better Life  - the story of a Mexican immigrant {illegal} and the better life he hoped to give his only child and himself here in California.
Dimian Bishir was nominated for Best Actor and was deserving of the nod.

Gathered a grocery list and finally left the abode... looking very coiffed, and spit-shined {if I do say so myself} after the day of Le Salle de Bain! haaa

I capped the day off with a lovely evening... time spent with some pals!

And a divine meal ~

Now, didn't that quiet and grey day turn into something scrumptious?  And, I don't just mean the food.

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  1. What a lovely day you had Miss Shari..