Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing Could Be Finer - Than To Be In...

Very near to the first day of Spring, just a day past that ol' fuddy-dud of Winter hitting the road... I was born. Lucky me! I do love this time of year. Not just because of my Birthday. Yet, when you get a day like this for celebrating.... then you're very grateful! Come see how I spent my day ~

Went out to a farm to take some photographs for the Goat Hill blog. Good country vibe, cloudy skied day, and twisty hill roads to travel with my Hubby.

many dusty, oldy finds strewn about the barn ~

Then the wind changed direction.. as did we ~

Off over the hills to the west.  Choice of the Birthday person as to what was next. I chose BEACH!! For a bite of lunch and a walk. As we patio-picnicked {aka - outdoor dining at a restaurant} at Santa Cruz Harbor, something off in the kelp held every ones attention ~

and were we ever entertained...  I think the little otter knew it..

We strolled, only ever so slowly, as Hubby isn't doing fast these days...

Sea spray, gulls! An end of the levee lighthouse shone its beacon of light. For ME! On my day!
{sure felt like that anyway}.. if it wasn't shining on me, I needed it to be. Always nice to know there's light at the end of a tunnel ~

I was happy to go home and work. Yep, even that was joyful! Work in the garden with a chicken, and you're bound to be happy!

There was even room left in the day for dinner out after removing soil from my fingertips and sprucing up a tad. 'Twas a grand Spring day! Nothin' could be finer...

{not sure I can tie-in Dean-o singing Carolina! Luv him tho, so here it is!}

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