Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So True

Remember a post or two ago? The one where I had such a quiet, exquisite day? I just found this quote on a blog called Urban Farmgirl and it's exactly what I was feeling ~

If the rest of the day follows this morning, it is sure to be a restful and event-less one. Of this I am thankful! Grey skies have blanketed my surroundings and the rain patters on making me feel the need to stay-in and sip tea. A simple pleasure, as the chalkboard above reads. Bodies need these respites.

All that I may accomplish today may be ~

browsing the net to find a specific, hard to find plant for my garden.... sweet Ligularia where are you?

found via nursery

I may boost myself with pillows and make the couch a writing studio.

I will send a note to a friend attached with photos ^. Forget Me Nots that were planted after a Mother's funeral. They now bloom in profusion and remind me each time of that woman.  


 A note of thankfulness to friends for their years of friendship

And ~

An envelope filled with quiet "I am here" show of support while some are in the throes of sadness

Fill your home with love and gather your loved ones to you...  


I may entertain myself with the stack of magazines staring at me from the table side

The recently mailed film from Netflix sounds appealing

A pot of chicken noodle soup needs to be started

As lovely as all of this day sounds, I will be missing the work that I love - gardening - as each day now I have a partner working side-by-side with me. Her name is Clarabelle. She is a gardener's delight. She is that chicken-neighbor-from-next-door that I've talked about. Somehow, she & I have become a pair. As I dig, and pull, and rake and plant - she keeps right at my side. I get the fact that she's not just seeking my companionship, she's letting me do all of her dirty work.... then she searches the newly tilled dirt for a snack! I am loving every minute! Chickens are good for a chuckle!       

A lovely rainy day, indeed !

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