Monday, March 5, 2012

A Couple Weeks Back...

One way to deal with life and it's not-always-kind turns is to look that rude awakening straight in the eye and yell  BOOOYAH! Not that our house is full of sorrow or anything horrific, yet we are still dealing with repercussions from Hubby's health issue from this past Fall.  Most of the dealing is his to cope. There are pieces that are mine also. Ya know what? We mostly smile and frequently get-away! Now, that's a way to cope!!

Hubby's work week needs to be shortened. He tires a tiny bit easily. So, we took advantage of a four-day-long-weekend  Perfectly FUN and perfect for re-energizing. It looked like this ~

Cheese tasting at one of our faves - Cowgirl Creamery ~

Puddle jumping through the sand ~

A quirky yet strangely adorable beach shack to stay in ~

Each evening we read outside on the patio waiting for the sun to set. Luckily we had that space as the bedroom {2 photos above} was an extremely high bed on a platform, and not much else. The kitchen and bath {above} ^ were in a tiny separate cabin a few steps away. Funky, huh?

This escape was a bless id four day stay, so I'll take a few days to show you the rest of our rest!

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