Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish In Spirit

There may be a wee dram of Irish blood coursing my veins... really not sure though. Yet, I've always felt I could summon the correct - uhmmm demons, if you will - to easily play the part! I've got a spot in me heart that's got a spirit for the dance & drink!

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. Seeing as I will be at the coast in a B&B, possibly without power as we are experiencing the winter we never got - well, instead I'm composing an Irish ode today...

A favorite of mine ~

A blessing indeed! With all good intention and love, I send this blessing off to an Irish lass that on this rainy day is in need of kind words to envelope her and her family.

I may find a warm coffee house tomorrow, and hope for a chunk of soda bread, or maybe brown ~      

a gift from my Irish SF sisters
Sipping an Irish Coffee on a stormy morning will surely bring me some Irish spirit  ... or sweet dreams!

In my Irish Beleek vase are gifts from the garden. See the tiny green shamrocks embellishing the base?

a gift from an Irish SF girl

Hubby reminds me each year at this time to bring out our Waterford shamrock. It was a gift from him
{see?.. even Hubby knows I've some "green blood" }

Hope it will bring me some luck!! And I'll also hope to dance a jig all the weekend through....           



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