Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ocean Water And Desert Sands

On March 6th I promised to show the last day of our get-away at the beach shack on this next post. So here you have it. Let me think... huummm, what did we do the last few hours there?

Ah, yes it was a pretty sunny weekend. The sun rose over Mt. Tamalpais in one of the windows ~

Hubby was down at the waves, and I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked the neighborhood streets on the hill.

The neighborhood seemed rather small... we were in need of a road trip!

We could've gone the usual route.  Instead we turned down the road less traveled...

The less traveled road led to a trail we'd never walked ~

Did we happen upon a dry Sahara Desert-like scene ?

or a riparian-ish, lush destination ?

Guess that it was mostly like the desert....
At least that's what Hubby says. He sure had worked up a powerful thirst. He needed something to drink, badly! He climbed the highest dune. Visions {mirage} of water ahead?

Hubby is fond of this kind of photo storytelling^ ... silly, silly man!

In the end we did  get ourselves to a tap of thirst quenching fluid ~

And we partook in a Czech-style lunch. The weekend ended as it always seems to - with good memories, full bellies, gratitude and want for the next one...

Because, yes, we have a good life. A full and charmed .....

Abundant Picnic of a life...

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