Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Get Me Started

Oh no! There's a new device in our home, and it's begging me to play. Hubby got an ipod-thing-a-ma-jig for his Birthday. He'll use it to play scrabble and the like. And, me, on the other hand will pine away waiting for those moments it's not in his paws.... just so I can take photos with it and Instagram them!!

Oh YEAH! I've watched from afar as others in blogland and elsewhere share their photos that have that little somethin' different about them. They look vintage-y, they ooze artistry... they are FUN!

Here are the couple of shots I took while Hubby was showering!!  hhhaaa

Wandered the house, and shot whatever struck my fancy. Gotta get more play time somehow!

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